Simple ToDo

Simple ToDo 1.6.9

Manage all of your to-do lists


  • Customisable fields
  • Set priorities for different lists


  • No online publishing options

Not bad

I'm always scribbling down lists of things I need to do, stuff I need to buy, people I have to phone or music I've just heard on the radio that I wish to download.

Invariably though, I lose the lists and nothing gets done, I go hungry, the bills don't get paid and I end up forgetting the name of that cool song that I heard.

Simple ToDo is designed to eliminate these problems by providing a platform from which you can manage organised lists on your computer.

The program is a doddle to use, and is as easy as filling up the cells with the tasks or lists of objects, purchases etc.

before applying colour coding or personalising the sheet to match your own criteria. You have the ability to create lots of lists and assign a priority to each one, which is great for managing workflow in the office.

It would've been nice to have some web exporting option for sharing your lists with colleagues online, but nevertheless, Simple ToDo provides a simple solution to a simple problem.

Simple ToDo provides you with the ability to add and manage to-do lists from your computer. There are many advantages of using computerised lists such as these, as opposed to hand-written ones, such as the fact they're easier to edit, clearer to read, can be sorted or prioritized more effectively, and they can be reordered at any time.

Simple ToDo


Simple ToDo 1.6.9

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